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The year 2018 is the year of another important work and human turning point. Biagioni, in fact, decides to share with other people the wealth that his professional and inner knowledge has given him. Thus begins the 'adventure of courses or rather per-courses in which, more and more, the two aspects of his work, the technical and the spiritual, come together and strengthen each other, finding in the furniture and, above all, in the processing of Antique Patinas, the medium through.

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Loc Luco Campagna 17 , 50032 - Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)


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Retailing: NO
Accessible to people with disabilities: YES
For reservations: 328 0725925 -
Type of Production/Activity:
Antique furniture repair, furniture staining with natural pigments and glues
Materials used/Services:
Pigments, chalk, glues, natural waxes. I teach how to color furniture as it was done in the Florentine workshop of the 1400s.

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